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 04/12/2020  20:00-21:00  (60) 
Ugly House to Lovely House
George Clarke brings in award-winning architects Howard Evans and Prue Chiles to revive Mandy's eyesore home in a beautiful part of Nottingham.
 04/12/2020  21:00-22:00  (60) 
A Very Royal Christmas: Sandringham Secrets
A special look at how the royal family enjoy the festive period in all its magical detail, from historical traditions to garish gifts and classy celebrations.
 04/12/2020  22:00-23:05  (65) 
Escape to the Chateau
Dick and Angel start work on turning the old wash house into a bathroom for their 40-foot boat on the moat. Angel's imagination runs wild when they discover a huge trench.
 04/12/2020  23:05-00:10  (65) 
Gogglebox [NEW]
TV's armchair critics watch "I'm a Celebrity', `Michael McIntyre's The Wheel', `Tiny World', `The Undoing', `Good Morning Britain", and BBC News on lockdown tiers.
 05/12/2020  00:10-01:15  (65) 
Britain's sharpest armchair critics watch "The Crown', `We Are The Champions', `Strictly Come Dancing', `The Undoing', `The Great British Bake Off', `The Toe Bro", and more.
 05/12/2020  01:15-02:20  (65) 
The Great British Bake Off
To celebrate 10 years in the iconic tent, we look back on some favourite moments, including treats from Norman, Flo and Kim-Joy, and the bakes that made us blush.
 05/12/2020  02:20-02:55  (35) 
Extreme Cake Makers
Molly digs deep with a stunning two-foot square allotment cake for her Gran, while Nastassja makes a glamorous amaretto and red velvet birthday cake. Plus, Rosie makes a Big Ben replica.
 05/12/2020  02:55-03:55  (60) 
Escape to Barbados
Documentary following intrepid Brits who've left lockdown Britain to work from home in beautiful Barbados, from a Manchester family of five to grandparents from Salisbury.
 05/12/2020  03:55-05:00  (65) 
World Chase Tag - USA
Sixteen teams from the US, featuring some of the best athletes in the world, battle it out on the Quad for a cash prize.
 05/12/2020  05:00-09:00  (240) 
Bringing you all the best in both entertainment and teleshopping.
 05/12/2020  09:00-09:30  (30) 
A Place in the Sun
Amando and Vanessa love holidaying in Tenerife and now want to buy their very own home there to enjoy with their three children. Laura Hamilton shows them what they can get for their £185,000.
 05/12/2020  09:30-10:00  (30) 
Come Dine with Me
In Leeds, Catherine Williams is cooking a South American-inspired menu, with a separate prawn main course for herself. However, when she informs her guests that she is partial to a bacon sandwich, it causes more than a bit of confusion.
 05/12/2020  10:00-10:30  (30) 
Come Dine with Me
The second to host in Leeds is outspoken South African Garth Kirsten-Landman, who is hoping that his unusual menu - which includes kangaroo meat - will bag him the £1,000 prize.
 05/12/2020  10:30-11:00  (30) 
Come Dine with Me
It's day three in Leeds and the turn of banker Sam Appleby to host. Fun-loving Sam is having a "Best of British" themed night, complete with his Henry VIII outfit - which includes an enormous codpiece.
 05/12/2020  11:00-11:30  (30) 
Come Dine with Me
Day four in Leeds sees company administrator Louise Emmerson host. She has opted for a Mediterranean menu inspired by her former mother-in-law, featuring Madrid chicken and aubergine bake.
 05/12/2020  11:30-12:00  (30) 
Come Dine with Me
It's the final day of the competition in Leeds and the turn of high-flying property developer Diane Jones to host. She believes she's managed to keep her wealth and lifestyle a secret from the group so far. How wrong can she be?
 05/12/2020  12:00-13:00  (60) 
Escape to the Chateau: DIY [NEW]
Dick and Angel Strawbridge return with more advice and help for Brits running chateau businesses in France. Tim and Margreeth transform their tired library into a sleek new venue.
 05/12/2020  13:00-14:00  (60) 
Escape to the Chateau: DIY [NEW]
Clive, Karen, Ross and Abbie prepare for their first wedding of the season. Tim and Krys remove the unsightly render from their barn. Tim and Margreeth create a potager garden.
 05/12/2020  14:00-15:00  (60) 
Escape to the Chateau: DIY [NEW]
Julia enlists some sister power to take on the home of her dreams. On his mission for home-grown self-sufficiency, Tim completes the greenhouse for Margreeth's birthday surprise.
 05/12/2020  15:00-16:00  (60) 
Escape to the Chateau: DIY [NEW]
Julia gets to work renovating her dining room in the hope of being able to host her family at Christmas. Manchester couple Joshua and Lee hunt for the perfect chateau to call home.
 05/12/2020  16:00-17:00  (60) 
Escape to the Chateau: DIY [NEW]
Tim and Margreeth host their first dining and floristry weekend. Dick and Angel renovate their coach house patio. Julia discovers that her chateau is above an ancient cave system.
 05/12/2020  17:00-18:00  (60) 
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay visits Giuseppe's, a family-run Italian restaurant in Macomb Township, Mich., that has a chaotic atmosphere in the kitchen and a lack of clientele; to spread word about the restaurant, Giuseppe's hosts a bowl-a-thon.
 05/12/2020  18:00-19:00  (60) 
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay pays a visit to the Handlebar Restaurant and Lounge in Mount Sinai, New York, where the owners are in denial about its outdated decor and the head chef's lack of passion.
 05/12/2020  19:00-20:00  (60) 
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Sammy, the owner of Sabatiello's restaurant in Stamford, Conn., is more than $1 million in debt when he asks for chef Gordon Ramsay's help; when Gordon criticizes the food, Sammy's temper flares out of control.
 05/12/2020  20:00-21:00  (60) 
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Trobiano's of Great Neck, N.Y., an Italian restaurant that is a half-million dollars in debt; during a confrontation with the owner about the cleanliness of the kitchen and the quality of the food, Ramsay walks out.
 05/12/2020  21:00-22:00  (60) 
TV's armchair critics watch "I'm a Celebrity', `Michael McIntyre's The Wheel', `Tiny World', `The Undoing', `Good Morning Britain", and BBC News on lockdown tiers.