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 25/11/2020  19:00-21:00  (120) 
A Christmas Detour
Two travelers become linked when a snowstorm grounds their flight in Buffalo. Paige desperately needs to find a way to New York City to meet her fiance's parents, and it's up to Dylan, a fellow passenger and a guy she can't stand, to get her there.
 25/11/2020  21:00-23:00  (120) 
Christmas in Vienna
A dispirited concert violinist travels to Vienna for a performance and finds the inspiration she has been missing.
 25/11/2020  23:00-01:00  (120) 
Heart of the Holidays
A career-driven woman reunites with her high school boyfriend after returning home for the holidays.
 26/11/2020  01:00-03:03  (123) 
Good Morning Christmas! [NEW]
Two competing TV hosts travel to a small town over Christmas, and while pretending to get along for the sake of appearances, they slowly discover there is more to each other than they thought.
 26/11/2020  03:03-05:03  (120) 
A Nashville Christmas Carol
A workaholic television producer receives a visit from her recently deceased mentor, who warns her that her current path leads to a dark future.
 26/11/2020  05:03-07:03  (120) 
Reunited at Christmas
As a child, Samantha spent every Christmas at her beloved Nana's house building the traditions of fun and joy with her family. Sam is facing the first Christmas without Nana and still struggling to find the Christmas spirit when she gets a surprise.
 26/11/2020  07:03-09:03  (120) 
Christmas at Dollywood
When a NYC event planner returns to Tennessee to organize the Christmas celebration at Dollywood, she's paired with the head of operations who thinks he can handle the party just fine on his own.
 26/11/2020  09:03-11:00  (117) 
It's Christmas, Eve
A school superintendent with a knack for turning around schools meets a single father who works as the head of the school's bankrupt music department. As she rediscovers her passion for music, she works to save the dreams of the kids who love music.
 26/11/2020  11:00-13:00  (120) 
Christmas Cookies
A corporate agent is sent to a small town to buy a cookie company and shut down its factory. When she starts falling in love with the factory's owner, the town's Christmas spirit overtakes her.
 26/11/2020  13:00-15:00  (120) 
One Royal Holiday
When Anna offers a stranded mother and son shelter from a blizzard, she learns that they are the royal family of Galwick and that they are both in need of a little Christmas magic.
 26/11/2020  15:00-17:00  (120) 
Christmas Under the Stars
Nick loses his high finance job right before Christmas. Lost, he takes a gig at a tree lot, where he meets Julie and her son, Matt.
 26/11/2020  17:00-19:00  (120) 
Christmas Made to Order
When an architect finds himself hosting his family for Christmas, he turns to a holiday coordinator for help. Her expert Christmas spirit brings his family together, but neither expected it to bring them closer to each other.
 26/11/2020  19:00-21:00  (120) 
A Wish for Christmas
Sara prefers to be on the sidelines at work until someone steals her big idea for a Christmas initiative. She makes a wish to Santa to gain the courage to stand up for herself, and he gives her 48 hours to discover how to speak her own mind.
 26/11/2020  21:00-23:00  (120) 
Christmas Connection
Sydney is tasked with looking after Leah, an unaccompanied minor. After Leah is safely delivered, Sydney finds a package Leah left behind and decides to deliver it. When she misses her connection, she is invited to spend the holidays with them.
 26/11/2020  23:00-01:00  (120) 
A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado
A woman who is in charge of her town's Christmas celebration must win over a firefighter to obtain a magnificent spruce tree from his property for the festivities.
 27/11/2020  01:00-03:03  (123) 
Christmas by Starlight [NEW]
A lawyer makes a deal with the heir to a development firm to spare her family's restaurant from demolition. However, she must spend the week posing as the legal counsel his father is demanding he hire in the wake of some costly mistakes.
 27/11/2020  03:03-05:03  (120) 
The Christmas House
Working through some difficult decisions, a mother and father summon their two grown sons home for the holidays.
 27/11/2020  05:03-07:03  (120) 
The Mistletoe Promise
Two strangers with a disdain for Christmas make a holiday pact to pretend to be a couple to ease their holiday complications. As they spend more time together, the phony couple begin to experience the magic of Christmas.
 27/11/2020  07:03-09:03  (120) 
Welcome to Christmas
A real estate developer finds romance with a charming sheriff in a small town.