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 25/11/2020  20:00-21:00  (60) 
When an apparent slam-dunk murder investigation becomes muddied by convoluted stories, police discover their star witness is much closer to the murderer than they were initially led to believe.
 25/11/2020  21:00-22:00  (60) 
The cold-case shooting of a Norwood, N.C., man leaves his family shattered and without answers; after two decades pass, the investigation resumes only to uncover mysterious deaths spanning a half century.
 25/11/2020  22:00-23:00  (60) 
Police unearth evidence that leads them to the ruthless killer of a well-known mechanic, who is found floating in a Tennessee river.
 25/11/2020  23:00-01:00  (120) 
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered
Investigating whether an explosion in a rice field in Colusa County, California that killed farm manager Roberto Ayala is an accident or murder.
 26/11/2020  01:00-02:00  (60) 
Cold Justice [NEW]
Featuring insights from Kelly Siegler and behind-the-scenes facts from Season 5, episode 17.
 26/11/2020  02:00-03:00  (60) 
Cold Justice [NEW]
Featuring insights from Kelly Siegler and behind-the-scenes facts from Season 5, episode 3.
 26/11/2020  03:00-04:00  (60) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
The execution-style murder of a Fountain Valley wife and mother shocks the OC and leaves police with no leads on motive; the community bands together to find justice until a similar shooting reveals the truth behind a murder plot gone awry.
 26/11/2020  04:00-05:00  (60) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
The Sachs family seems to be living the OC life in its hilltop mansion when the family is suddenly torn apart by a vicious shooting in the middle of the night; Investigators reveal a surprising list of enemies who had the victims in their sights.
 26/11/2020  05:00-06:01  (61) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
Thomas and Jackie Hawks live aboard their luxury yacht until their disappearance sparks an investigation that turns on the alleged sale of their yacht.
 26/11/2020  06:01-07:03  (62) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
The larger-than-life owner of a strip club empire is mowed down with a machine gun before the gates of his Orange County estate; the secrecy surrounding the clubs and their employees makes the case extremely challenging for investigators.
 26/11/2020  07:03-08:01  (58) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
Keeping up appearances is key in the OC; the Stahls are found shot to death on the side of the Ortega Highway; the façade turns deadly.
 26/11/2020  08:01-09:00  (59) 
The Real Murders of Orange County
The brutal murder of three members of a family in an old monied Fullerton enclave reverberates throughout the neighborhood and the rest of Orange County; the investigation reveals the family's dark secrets and a tragically OC motive.
 26/11/2020  09:00-10:00  (60) 
Truck driver is found shot to death in the cab of his semi; detectives in California follow a trail of deceit to uncover a killer who will stop at nothing to walk free.
 26/11/2020  10:00-11:00  (60) 
When Jaclyn Martin's life of comfort is jeopardized, she orchestrates the killing of her husband, a beloved neighborhood bar owner.
 26/11/2020  11:00-12:00  (60) 
Injustice With Nancy Grace
After teenager Sarah Stern disappears, police look to her family and friends for clues, only to discover that those closest to her may not have been all they seemed.
 26/11/2020  12:00-13:00  (60) 
Injustice With Nancy Grace
A young couple is murdered in Knoxville, Tenn; their bodies are found brutally tortured; the family's suffering doesn't end there, as it soon learns that a corrupt judge may prevent the five evil perpetrators from being brought to justice.
 26/11/2020  13:00-14:00  (60) 
Buried in the Backyard
When the body parts of two missing teens are found in a backyard cornfield, Ohio detectives uncover dark family secrets; the community fears there may never be justice when the man convicted of the crime is released from prison.
 26/11/2020  14:00-15:00  (60) 
Buried in the Backyard
A Milwaukee contractor is shocked when he discovers a body in a shallow backyard grave; the ghastly remains send investigators chasing an atrocious truth and have a community running scared from their own neighbors.
 26/11/2020  15:00-16:00  (60) 
Homicide for the Holidays
A deranged shooter attacks a family Thanksgiving dinner, leaving four dead and even more wounded, setting off a massive holiday-season manhunt to catch the killer - before they can strike again.
 26/11/2020  16:00-17:00  (60) 
Homicide for the Holidays
Earl and Terry Robertson are found brutally murdered in their home just before Thanksgiving; investigating whether this is a holiday robbery gone terribly wrong, or a crime committed by someone the couple knew and trusted.
 26/11/2020  17:00-18:00  (60) 
Homicide for the Holidays
A woman is shot to death while driving her sons home from a Thanksgiving celebration; the hunt for her killer leads to an unlikely suspect, making investigators realize her murder is not as random as it seems.
 26/11/2020  18:00-19:00  (60) 
After a devoted father is found murdered in his home, Indiana investigators learn just how manipulative and deadly a person's envy can be.
 26/11/2020  19:00-20:00  (60) 
As Pennsylvania police investigate the gruesome murder of a grandmother in her own home, detectives sort through a web of lies and nefarious activities before ultimately going toe to toe with a cold-blooded killer.
 26/11/2020  20:00-21:00  (60) 
A family man is gunned down on the side of the road in a small town in Texas, and detectives unearth a perpetrator who's hiding more than one shocking skeleton in the closet.
 26/11/2020  21:00-22:00  (60) 
An investigation into the disappearance of an Arkansas couple leads a law enforcement team on a manhunt through the rugged terrain of the Ozarks and into unforeseen danger.
 26/11/2020  22:00-23:00  (60) 
When a beloved grandfather in Federal Heights, Colo., vanishes without a trace, the ensuing investigation exposes disturbing secrets that were lurking behind closed doors as police body cam footage reveals the deadly truth.
 26/11/2020  23:00-00:00  (60) 
Sleepy Seadrift, Texas, is unnerved by the death of a local landscaper after evidence at the scene of an apparent hit-and-run points to a deceptive killer with a dangerous past.
 27/11/2020  00:00-01:00  (60) 
The American dream of a hard-working immigrant is cut short when he is violently murdered with a hatchet in the streets of a Las Vegas suburb; investigators sift through lies and follow a bloody trail to uncover the shocking truth.
 27/11/2020  01:00-02:00  (60) 
Buried in the Backyard [NEW]
When a concerned neighbor stumbles onto a horrifying scene in a Spokane, Wash., home, a family is devastated and buried secrets come to light; investigators unravel a bizarre web of truths and lies to find enough evidence to catch a killer.
 27/11/2020  02:00-03:00  (60) 
Injustice With Nancy Grace [NEW]
In April of 2020, Pfc. Vanessa Guillén goes missing; the Army shuts her loved ones out of the investigation, so her family hires a private search team.
 27/11/2020  03:00-04:00  (60) 
One man's brutal murder leads to questions about a doomed love triangle and the intentions of the woman at the center of it all.
 27/11/2020  04:00-05:00  (60) 
A chance for love brings an Oklahoma woman to rural Texas, but her quick disappearance has investigators following a paper trail that will expose the treachery of greed.
 27/11/2020  05:00-06:00  (60) 
Killer Siblings
In one of the most tragic and brutal crimes in the history of the Great Plains, five teens playing by a campfire are ambushed by a trio of shotgun-wielding brothers; a lone survivor bravely helps detectives hunt down her assailants.
 27/11/2020  06:00-07:00  (60) 
Killer Siblings
An immigrant family's American dream turns into a nightmare when a devious sister manipulates her younger valedictorian brother into committing murder; a dark family secret comes to light.
 27/11/2020  07:00-09:00  (120) 
Green River Killer
In one of the largest and longest manhunts in the United States, authorities finally identify the Green River Killer; it's a cat-and-mouse game, as investigators try to get inside his mind, so he'll lead them to the remains of other missing women.
 27/11/2020  09:00-10:00  (60) 
Injustice With Nancy Grace
When college professor Emily Mason is murdered, police arrest her husband, but faced with evidence suggesting he may be innocent, a small Georgia town confronts the question of whether justice is being served.