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 04/12/2020  20:00-21:00  (60) 
Walking Britain's Lost Railways [NEW]
Rob Bell follows the Callander and Oban Railway, an epic 70-mile route from Scotland's Lowlands to its glorious west coast. Spectacles on the line include Glen Ogle, Loch Tay and an impressive terminus still evident at Oban.
 04/12/2020  21:00-23:25  (145) 
Hang 'Em High
A man carries out his own agenda for justice after a judge encourages him to round up the men who tried to lynch him.
 04/12/2020  23:25-01:45  (140) 
White House Down
While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a police officer springs into action to save his child and the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders.
 05/12/2020  01:45-03:45  (120) 
21.co.uk [NEW]
Interactive casino show featuring live roulette.
 05/12/2020  03:45-05:20  (95) 
A wicked demon seeks out naughty people, and terrorises a family in order to punish them at Christmas time.
 05/12/2020  05:20-05:35  (15) 
Britain's Greatest Bridges
Rob Bell uncovers the extraordinary story of Tower Bridge, revealing how it was funded, how its design was revolutionary and how it is lucky to still be standing.
 05/12/2020  05:35-06:00  (25) 
House Doctor
Ann Maurice demonstrates how to create an illusion of space in a tiny cottage in Headcorn which has been on the market for ten months.
 05/12/2020  06:00-06:05  (5) 
Peppa Pig
Peppa and family have all gone to the caves for a day out and Grampy Rabbit is their tour guide. Peppa and George are excited to see the pretty caves and go through the underground lakes. Daddy Pig must be at his bravest on this trip to go on the scary "Ride of Doom".
 05/12/2020  06:05-06:10  (5) 
Peppa Pig
Grandpa and Granny Pig show and share with Peppa and George their toys and hobbies. Granny her special doll from childhood and Grandpa his love of building toy planes. Peppa and George have great fun when Grandpa reveals his new biggest plane ever that even George can fit in.
 05/12/2020  06:10-06:15  (5) 
Peppa Pig
George, Peppa and Mummy Pig head off to Miss Rabbit's clothes shop to get George some brand new clothes. After trying on lots of new exciting outfits George finds an outfit that suits him just right!
 05/12/2020  06:15-06:20  (5) 
Peppa Pig
Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig have gone to visit Madame Gazelle. The family soon realise that her house is being pushed over by the tall tree next to it. Mr. Bull arrives and with his help they all manage to save Madame Gazelle's House and tree.
 05/12/2020  06:20-06:25  (5) 
Olly the Little White Van
Mick and Bazza are in charge of this year's Bumpton Christmas lights switch-on. Will they ruin Christmas?
 05/12/2020  06:25-06:40  (15) 
Bob the Builder
Bob and his team are building an ice rink, Muck decides that he wants to try it out for himself.
 05/12/2020  06:40-06:50  (10) 
Shane the Chef
Izzy is out sledging when she notices that the wildlife are struggling to find food in the cold. After helping Maggie to protect her sheep from a fox who needs to feed his children, Shane helps the foxes and the other wildlife by cooking treats.
 05/12/2020  06:50-07:00  (10) 
Noddy: Toyland Detective
The fairies are about to give a big flying display in Toyland, but someone has stolen Fairy Coco's wings. Noddy needs to find them before the event begins.
 05/12/2020  07:00-07:15  (15) 
Thomas & Friends
Nia uses what she learns about lighthouses to suggest covering a big wheel in Christmas lights, so that Harold can see where he's going in a storm.
 05/12/2020  07:15-07:25  (10) 
Fireman Sam
On a snowy day, Moose opens his Winter Wonderland. However, as there is no ice rink, Sarah and James head off to a frozen lake to skate, but half way through their routine cracks start to appear and Sam has to come to the rescue.
 05/12/2020  07:25-07:35  (10) 
Pirata & Capitano
A thief sneaks aboard the Pink Skull and steals a package that Pirata and Capitano need to deliver.
 05/12/2020  07:35-07:45  (10) 
Daisy & Ollie [NEW]
Daisy and Ollie are excited to go and visit Farmer Fran and Postman Geoff's new baby Libby, at the hospital.
 05/12/2020  07:45-07:55  (10) 
Peppa Pig
It is Christmas and the children all visit Santa's Grotto to tell him what they would like for Christmas.
 05/12/2020  07:55-08:05  (10) 
Peppa Pig
Peppa and her family arrive in Italy and discover that everyone is talking in a different language! Daddy Pig finds driving on the right a little difficult. It's all so very strange, but they are soon settled, and Peppa rings Granny and Grandpa Pig to check that Goldie the fish is happy too.
 05/12/2020  08:05-08:25  (20) 
Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
The Elf Factory is deep down in the roots of The Great Elf Tree. It is almost Christmas time and the elves are busy making toys. Some magic saves the day when there is a problem.
 05/12/2020  08:25-08:40  (15) 
Butterbean's Café [NEW]
A fairy named Butterbean has adventures running the neighbourhood cafe with her friends.
 05/12/2020  08:40-08:50  (10) 
Little Princess
Little Princess is proud that she can do lots of clever things. In fact, she can do so many that she decides that she would make a very good teacher.
 05/12/2020  08:50-09:05  (15) 
Abby Hatcher [NEW]
Abby tries to help everyone in the hotel at once and ends up getting everything all mixed up!
 05/12/2020  09:05-09:15  (10) 
A polar bear asks for Wissper's help because his best friend won't swim, so she and baby penguin Peggy come up with a clever plan to tempt the reluctant bear into the icy water.
 05/12/2020  09:15-09:40  (25) 
PAW Patrol [NEW]
When a lost world of Dinosaurs is discovered, Mayor Humdinger wants to take Dino Eggs back to Foggy Bottom but along the way a baby Brachiosaurus ends up in Dino sized trouble. The Pups are ready for a Dino Rescue.
 05/12/2020  09:40-09:50  (10) 
The World According To Grandpa [NEW]
Grandpa takes his grandchildren on fantastic journeys through colourful new worlds, answering their curious questions with tall tales, all from the comfort of his sofa.
 05/12/2020  09:50-09:55  (5) 
Peppa Pig
Peppa and her family are enjoying the first day in their Italian villa. On a trip to the local village, they find pizza to eat, presents to buy and a postcard to send to Goldie the fish.
 05/12/2020  09:55-10:00  (5) 
Peppa Pig
Peppa has enjoyed her very first holiday abroad, but now it's time to go home. Suzy has missed Peppa very much and can't wait to see her. Peppa has missed her friend too and can't wait to see Goldie, her pet fish, again.
 05/12/2020  10:00-10:15  (15) 
SpongeBob SquarePants
After spilling a milkshake during a delivery, SpongeBob vows to return and clean the entire building.
 05/12/2020  10:15-10:25  (10) 
Ryan's Mystery Playdate
Ryan rocks and rolls his way through radical challenges to reveal his musical mystery play date.
 05/12/2020  10:25-10:30  (5) 
A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world.
 05/12/2020  10:30-11:00  (30) 
A power cut leaves Chandler stranded in a bank with a gorgeous woman, Ross tries to ask Rachel out on a date, and Joey learns that Monica used to be infatuated with him.
 05/12/2020  11:00-11:30  (30) 
Monica and Ross mourn the death of their grandmother with a little help from the gang, and Monica and her mum come to an unspoken understanding about the relationship between mothers and daughters. Meanwhile, Chandler is irritated by office speculation that he is gay.
 05/12/2020  11:30-12:00  (30) 
Monica's first Thanksgiving dinner for the gang goes horribly wrong when they all get locked on the roof after watching a giant runaway balloon from the New York Thanksgiving parade. Elsewhere, Joey wins his first modelling gig as the poster boy for a venereal disease campaign, and Ross competes with his ex-wife to communicate with their unborn baby.
 05/12/2020  12:00-12:30  (30) 
As New Year approaches, the gang make a pact to celebrate at Monica and Rachel's flat without bringing any dates. However, as the New Year gets closer, all of them find themselves breaking that promise except for Ross, who brings along his new pet monkey Marcel.
 05/12/2020  12:30-14:25  (115) 
Deck the Halls
Steve Finch has the best Christmas in town, until brash salesman Buddy Hall moves in next door and puts in so many lights that his house can be seen from space. Cue a battle to decide who achieves seasonal supremacy.
 05/12/2020  14:25-16:20  (115) 
A Very Yorkshire Christmas
When an opera singer finds herself stranded in a remote part of England, she finds a warm welcome at the local bed-and-breakfast run by a handsome widower.
 05/12/2020  16:20-18:10  (110) 
The Christmas Cottage
As maid of honour for her best friend Ava, cynical interior designer Lacey is tasked with decorating a honeymoon cottage for the newlyweds. Although it's a simple enough task, she didn't plan on being snowed in with the bride-to-be's sexy brother.
 05/12/2020  18:10-19:30  (80) 
Cruising with Jane McDonald
Jane offers a festive selection box of best bits from the previous four series, all wrapped in a special cruise-inspired version of 12 Days of Christmas as sung by the Wakefield carollers.
 05/12/2020  19:30-19:35  (5) 
5 News Weekend
National and international news.
 05/12/2020  19:35-20:30  (55) 
Secrets of the McVitie's Factory
Following 24 hours of life on the factory floor at the famous McVitie's biscuit factory. Staff on the factory floor give their account of what it is like to work at the oldest biscuit factory in the world.
 05/12/2020  20:30-22:00  (90) 
Sandringham: The Royals At Christmas
Taking a look at how the Royal family spend the Christmas at their Sandringham residence.